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Drumline on Grand River Avenue

Catch the MSU Drumline on Grand River Ave. 2 hours prior to kick-off. Read more and watch the MSU Drumline perform on Grand River Ave….

Adams Field Warm-Ups

Head to Adams Field 1.5-2 hours before kickoff to hear the band warm-up and get ready for the day’s performances. Read more and watch the Adams Field Warm-ups…

Spinning the Block “S”

During the performance of the Fight Song during pre-game, the band performs a Block “S”, that appears to spin as it moves down the field. Read more and watch the Spinning Block “S”…

Michigan State School Songs
Traditions of the Spartan Marching Band

Spartan Marching Band members share their thoughts on their favorite SMB traditions. This video is a production of Michigan State University.

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