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Drumline Step Show

Approximately 90 minutes before kick-off, don’t miss the UM Drumline performing on the steps of Revelli Hall. Read more and watch the Drumline Step Show...

Block M Formation, “M Fanfare”, & Drum Major Back Bend

At the start of pre-game, the band pours out of the tunnel into the Block M formation on the 50-yard line to play the “M Fanfare”, during which time the Drum Major struts to north end for the infamous back bend. Read more and watch pre-game

Goal Post Toss

During  the pre-game performance of “The Victors”,  the drum major struts down to the north end zone, tossing the mace over the goal post cross bar. Superstition says that if the mace is dropped, the football team will lose the game!

“Let’s Go Blue” Cheer

Heard at many schools today, this cheer originated with the Michigan Marching Band. Read more and hear the “Let’s Go Blue” cheer


University of Michigan School Songs
“Blues Brother” and “Cake”
Pride of University of Michigan

A segment from the Michigan Difference featuring the Michigan Marching Band.

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