University of Wisconsin


Bucky Badger’s full name is Buckingham U. Badger. The name is said by some to have originated in a line from “On, Wisconsin,” “…buck right through that line.” Although the University of Wisconsin has been known as the “Badgers” since the late 1800s, the image of Bucky Badger was first introduced in 1940 when a contest was held for the mascot design. A live badger was used at home games for a few years, until the keepers were no longer able to handle the wild beast. A live raccoon named “Regdab” (Badger spelled backwards) replaced the badger for a while until 1949 when a UW art student created the first paper mache head that became part of the Bucky Badger costume, which is worn by a cheerleader.

The 2008 documentary film “Being Bucky” follows the process of Bucky tryouts and the day to day life as Bucky Badger.

“Teach Me How to Bucky”

The Spirit Squad is divided into two squads: the Red Squad and the White Squad. The Red Squad cheers at football games and men’s basketball games while the White Squad cheers at women’s basketball games.