University of Wisconsin


Game Day at the University of Wisconsin is vivacious, from the hoards of students and visitors who pack the Union Terrace, to the throngs of fans strolling up and down State Street between campus and the Capitol Square Farmers Market. The day is filled with tailgating, State Street Brats and the pregame concert at Union South. The game brings the 3rd quarter “Jump Around,” the harmonious, swaying “Varsity,” and the band’s 5th Quarter.

School Colors: Cardinal & White
Nickname: Badgers
Mascot: Bucky Badger


Bucky Badger's full name is Buckingham U. Badger. The name is said by some to have originated in a line from “On, Wisconsin,” “…buck right through that line.” Although the University of Wisconsin has been known as the “Badgers” since the late 1800s, the image of Bucky Badger was first introduced in 1940 when a contest was held for the mascot design. A live badger was used at home gam... (more)


Badger Band Traditions The Badger Band began in 1885 when the former campus publication, the University Press, announced the "official authorization for the organization of the Wisconsin Regimental Band." According to the University Press, Major Chase, the Military Battalion commandant on campus, strongly stressed in 18... (more)


On Wisconsin The University of Wisconsin official fight song, “On Wisconsin,” was composed by William T. Purdy, with original lyrics written by alum Carl Beck. The song was first performed in 1909.  Originally written for a University of Minnesota song competition (the words were once “Minneso... (more)

Written in 1919 by faculty of the School of Music, “If You Want to be a Badger” is played at the end of every pregame show. In the stands, when the band plays the song, the crowd reaches out their right hands, palms facing up “If you Want to be a Badger..." then they draw their arms towards themselves, beckoning you over to them “Come Along with Me!” (more)

A parody of the 1970’s Budweiser jingle, "When You Say WIS-CON-SIN, You've Said It All!" is a relatively new staple at all sporting events while fans dance the polka to the music. "You've Said it All" at 2011 Big Ten Championship Original 1970 Budweiser commercial... (more)


The 5th quarter is the most widely known tradition of University of Wisconsin football. Although officially named “5th quarter” in 1978, it actually started in 1969 when the Badgers had lost 24 straight games and the band director, Michael Leckrone, was looking for a way to inspire the fans to stay throughout the entire game. Today, at the end of the game, the band casual... (more)

House of Pain’s “Jump Around” was first played through the loudspeakers on October 10, 1998 versus Purdue. The stadium was electric at the end of the third quarter, after UW’s star defensive back, Jamar Fletcher had put the Badgers ahead by intercepting a pass by Boilermaker’s Drew Brees (who later in the game set an NCAA record with 83 pass attempts). That’s when stadium staff decided... (more)


Students in section P begin the wave by sending it around the stadium once counter-clockwise, then once in slow-motion, then once at double the original speed, then reversed (clockwise), and finally, splitting it into two counter-rotational waves. This is traditionally completed at least once every home game in the second or third quarter. (more)

Two pop-rock songs, made popular in the 1060's and 70's, are iconic at University of Wisconin's athletic events. Sometime during the 4th quarter of home football games, the 1960’s hit song “Build Me Up Buttercup” is played over the scoreboard speakers, and the entire stadium joins in to finish the song.   The band plays ... (more)