University of Wisconsin



Aside from finding the perfect place to park, you need to be prepared with all of the up-to-date tailgating rules, traditions and, of course, food and drink!




  • Parking spaces are for vehicles only. The use of a parking space for other reasons, such as portable grills, tents and chairs, is not permitted.
  • Beer, wine and alcohol ARE permitted in UW lots but ONLY on game days and for tailgating purposes.
  • LP and charcoal grills are permitted only in parking lots and are prohibited in parking ramps.
  • Open wood fires or wood fires in portable fire pits are not permitted in any UW lot or ramp.




Bavaria Sausage, Inc.
6317 Nesbitt Rd.
Madison, WI 53719
If there is one thing you need for a true Wisconsin tailgate, it’s brats. For over 50 years, Bavaria Sausage, Inc. has been making authentic German sausages, brats, bologna, kielbasa and schnitzel, all ready for your grill. While you’re there, pick up some Wisconsin cheese and fresh-baked rolls, pretzels and cookies.
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm; Sat, 8am-1pm

Open Pantry
1401 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 257-8888
A grab-and-go convenience store that is equipped with quick snacks, baked goods and hot food.

Fresh Madison Market
703 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53715
(608) 287-0000

Fresh Madison Market is a fully stocked grocery store that maintains a hot buffet three times per day and a delicious bakery for those with a sweet tooth. Wine, beer and alcohol are available.
Daily 6am-12am

Capital Centre Market
111 N. Broom Street
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 255-2616
Farther from Camp Randall and hidden in Madison’s capitol neighborhood, Cap Center is a fully stocked grocery store with a variety of beer and wine from which to choose . You will NOT find liquor at this location.
Daily 7am-12am

Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ
2310 Packers Avenue
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 249-RIBS (7427)
With take-out, catering and event planning, Smoky Jon’s can take care of any size tailgate you are planning. Known for their ribs, Smoky Jon’s-Madison’s “BBQ King”-offers authentic, wood-cooked barbecue. Brisket, rotisserie chicken, pork shoulder and beer battered cod are also on the menu, along with sides of garlic mashed potatoes, creamy cole slaw and BBQ baked beans.

Dane County Farmers’ Market
Capitol Square
Madison, WI 53703
With over 150 vendors on a given Saturday the Dane Country Farmers’ Market is the largest producers-only farmer’s market in the country. All of the fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, dairy and baked goods are grown and produced solely in Wisconsin. Gather warm loaves of spicy cheese bread, old-fashioned doughnuts and whoopie pies, ostrich jerky, sausages, artisan cheeses, and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.
Wed, 8:30am-2pm; Sat, 7:30am-12pm

12 South Carroll Street
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 255-2430
Located on Capitol Square, Fromagination showcases over 60 Wisconsin cheeses and local meats, as well as imported artisan cheeses and meats from around the world. Order picnic baskets full of locally made goodness or meat and cheese trays for your tailgate.
Mon-Wed, 10am-6pm; Thurs-Fri, 10am-7pm; Sat, 8am-5pm; Sun, 11am-4pm

State Street Brats
603 State Street

Madison, WI 53703
(608) 255-5544
The famous party tavern offers catering, bringing you loads of their tasty, local, specialty red-grilled brats. All you pay for is the food–there are no set-up fees, delivery charges, or cleanup costs, and all condiments and utensils are included.
Daily, 11am-2am

New Orleans Take-Out
1517 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 280-8000
This Cajun style eatery is perfect for the fan that needs a break from brats and burgers. From catfish to jambalaya, red beans and rice to fried shrimp and fresh oysters, this restaurant has the right food to satisfy strong cravings for diversity. This is specifically a take-out joint, so everything is sized either individually or to share. Mon-Sat, 11am- 9pm



Badger Bash Tailgate Party and Pre-Game Concert at Union South
Union South
1308 W. Dayton Street
Open to the public, the party usually begins 2.5-3 hours before kick-off (earlier for night games) and doesn’t stop for heavy rain or blistering snow. Inflatable bouncy castles are set up for kids, while plenty of food and beer is served for adults. During the tailgate, fans should expect appearances by the Cheerleaders, Dance Team, and Bucky Badger himself, as well as a concert from the UW Marching Band at approximately an hour before kick-off.

Grass field north of Camp Randall
The official pregame event of Wisconsin Athletics, Badgerville is free and open to the public. Open 2.5 hours before kick-off, Badgerville is located on the grass field just north of Camp Randall Stadium along Breese Terrace. A family event, Badgerville features great food and entertainment including music, an appearance by members of the UW Band and activities for kids, including inflatable games. (Badgerville is not scheduled for every home game, see website for schedule).

State Street Brats
603 State Street
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 255-5544
This tavern is one of Madison’s biggest bar attractions. Located downtown, State Street Brats draws in a large crowd of Badger fans not only on game days but also on most nights of the week. If you decide to barhop before kick-off, State Street is home to a variety of fun destinations. But Brats is by far the most popular. While these festivities may be far from Camp Randall, the Bucky Shuttle has arranged to pick up fans particularly from this area for a safe and convenient ride to the game.
Daily, 11am-2am

 The Stadium Bar & Grill
1419 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 256-2544
Located just across the street from Camp Randall, The Stadium Bar is an extremely popular game day destination. The bar converts its entire parking lot into a massive beer garden and often hosts live performances for your enjoyment. Individuals who are unable to acquire football tickets can watch the game from the Stadium Bar’s indoor and outdoor TV screens while still hearing cheers from Camp Randall!

Jordan’s Big Ten Pub
1330 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715
(608) 251-6375
This pub may be a little farther from the stadium, but its outdoor party is worth the walk. Jordan’s Big Ten Pub transforms its spacious parking lot into a full-blown party, complete with tents, music, food and beer. You can enjoy a brew before kick-off or stay with a few friends to watch the game. The choice is yours!

Lucky’s Bar & Grille
1421 Regent St
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 250-8989

Close to Jordan’s Big Ten Pub, Lucky’s Bar & Grille holds a similar tailgate party. Gating off its parking lot for games and beer, the bar lets fans pregame in a mature atmosphere and enjoy the game in its entirety. Radio stations often choose Lucky’s to broadcast from, making it a popular choice among Badger fans.

Student Pregame Parties
Camp Randall is surrounded by apartments and flats most commonly occupied by UW students. That being said, the complete west side of the stadium is lined with pregame house parties. Students who live on Breese Terrace live 15 feet away from the stadium, so almost every house WILL be throwing a kegger on their front lawn, complete with games like beer-pong and testicle toss—sometimes as early as eight in the morning! Anyone is welcome to walk up and down these streets and join a few outdoor bashes, but behave yourself if you are wearing the rivals colors!



  • 7am: Day-of-game campus parking lots begin to open. See here for parking info.
  • Between 7am-8:30am: Badger Band game day rehearsal near Walnut Street & Observatory Drive (the AstroTurf field along the bike path).
  • 2.5 hours before kickoff: Badgerville opens, north of Camp Randall.
  • 2.5-3 hours before kickoff: Badger Bash & Pre-Game Concert with Badger Band at Union South (starts earlier for night games, see website for schedule).
  • 90 minutes before kickoff: Camp Randall gates open.