Purdue University



Hail Purdue!
Hail Purdue!, the official fight song of the University, was originally titled Purdue War Song. James Morrison, a student at the time, wrote the lyrics around 1915, and they were set to music by Edward Wotawa, also a student at the time. The song was published in 1913 and dedicated to the Varsity Glee Club. Hail Purdue! is played constantly throughout game day, including when the band marches around campus before the game and during the famous “Block P” in pregame. Parts of it are also played after touchdowns, field goals, and between quarters.


Purdue Hymn
Purdue Hymn was written in 1941 and first performed in 1943 by the Purdue University Choir. Fifty years later, in 1993, Purdue Hymn was officially adopted as the Alma Mater of Purdue University.


Fighting Varsity

Fighting Varsity, like Hail Purdue!, is played frequently throughout game day. It is played at the “Thrill on the Hill” concert, the North End concert, in pregame, between quarters or during timeouts, the postgame concert, and at the fountain concert. It is not the official fight song of Purdue, but fans know it like the back of their hands.  Fighting Varsity was written by W.D. Kissinger, former Assistant Director of the AAMB.


For the Honor of Old Purdue
For the Honor of Old Purdue is one of the older fight songs in Purdue history. Fans clap and sing along whenever the AAMB plays this tune. It is played in conjunction with Fighting Varsity. For the Honor of Old Purdue was written by Frank C. Huston.