Buckeyes & Wolverines In the New Era

Will the Border Battle return to stay?
Photo courtesy of thebuckeyebattlecry.com

I’m nervous. And I like it.

The past ten years has made a mockery of the greatest rivalry in college football, and in my opinion the best rivalry in …

The “Rookie Coach” Bowl: PSU vs. OSU Rivalry

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Woody Hayes. Joe Paterno. Archie Griffin. John Cappelletti. These are just a few of the names associated with the Ohio State-Penn State series. The series record between the two teams is 14-12 in favor of the …

PSU PRIDE Teaches Respectable Fandom

PSU Pride

PSU PRIDE Member with The PSU Lion
photo courtesy of facebook.com/PSUPRIDE

To be a great Penn State fan, one must know the codes, the cheers, the songs and the atmosphere of the game. However, as a freshman or a new …