Battle for the Axe: the Minnesota-Wisconsin Rivalry

The Gophers last took possession of the axe in 2003. Photo courtesy of

It happened in 1943. Minnesota met Wisconsin in yet another anticipated game of enmity—further deepening the rivalry, which ranks longest in the history of division 1-A …

“Michigan Week” Traditions at Ohio State

The Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry is undoubtedly one of the most intense, long-standing college football rivalries of all time, and with every rivalry comes its fair share of traditions. In Columbus, Ohio, not only is the matchup highlighted on …

“The Game”

Bo and Woody

It has come to be known as not only the best rivalry in college football, but as the most exhilarating rivalry in all of college sports.Each year, The Game is played on the last Saturday of the …

Buckeyes & Wolverines In the New Era

Will the Border Battle return to stay?
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I’m nervous. And I like it.

The past ten years has made a mockery of the greatest rivalry in college football, and in my opinion the best rivalry in …

The “Rookie Coach” Bowl: PSU vs. OSU Rivalry

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Woody Hayes. Joe Paterno. Archie Griffin. John Cappelletti. These are just a few of the names associated with the Ohio State-Penn State series. The series record between the two teams is 14-12 in favor of the …

PSU PRIDE Teaches Respectable Fandom

PSU Pride

PSU PRIDE Member with The PSU Lion
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To be a great Penn State fan, one must know the codes, the cheers, the songs and the atmosphere of the game. However, as a freshman or a new …