Archie: A Mammoth of a Tale

The author with Archie

Many statues are scattered throughout the grounds of UNL’s campus. One in particular that is hard to miss, is Archie— the guardian of Morrill Hall. Archie, if you haven’t seen him, is a mammoth of a …

Top 12 Things to See in Bloomington

Talk about Bloomington and Indiana University usually starts and centers on basketball. While basketball is what has brought fame and recognition, the town is being sold short if that’s all you think there is to see in Bloomington. Around campus, …

Illini Lingo Decoded

While you’re walking around Illinois’ campus it may seem like the University students are speaking another language. Here’s my guide to some of the Illini basics:

Alma Mater Statue

Alma Mater – The statue located on the southeast corner of …

PSU PRIDE Teaches Respectable Fandom

PSU Pride

PSU PRIDE Member with The PSU Lion
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To be a great Penn State fan, one must know the codes, the cheers, the songs and the atmosphere of the game. However, as a freshman or a new …

“50 College Stadiums, Campuses and Shrines to See Before You Die”

Pink Locker Room in Kinnick Stadium
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Bleacher Report has named their “50 College Stadiums, Campuses, and Shrines to See Before You Die”. The Pink Locker Room inside of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium comes in at number 7. …

Big Ten Schools Considered “Public Ivies”

Indiana University

The classification of a College or University as “Public Ivy” began in 1985, with Richard Moll’s book Public Ivies: A Guide to America’s best public undergraduate colleges and universities. Public Ivy schools are considered to offer an …