Illini Street Fest is Back!

The Illini Street Fest includes fun for the whole family. Photo courtesy of

The Illini Street Fest, a former pre-game tradition at the University of Illinois, will return on September 1 prior to the Western Michigan game. The …

Fat Sandwich Company: Are you hungry yet?

The Big Fat Ugly consists of 20 ingredients-take the challenge, and try to finish it in under 15 minutes. Photo courtesy of

Who doesn’t like a sandwich piled high with all of their favorite toppings? Even though the sandwich …

Game Day with the Marching Illini

The Marching Illini enters Memorial Stadium for pre-game. Photo courtesy of the Marching Illini.

Music is something everyone encounters every day. Hop in the car, there’s the radio. Walk down a city street, there are street musicians. Crawl to the

Top 12 Student Run Activities in the Big Ten

Students around the Big Ten make a BIG impact on their communities and the conference every year by organizing numerous events. Some of the biggest and best fundraising, community service events, and educational activities are run by students. Here are …

Tailgater Monthly Tips

Tailgater Monthly magazine gives a few of their suggested tips for setting up the best tailgate with these videos:

Alma Mater Statue Taking Sabbatical

Alma Mater Statue at the gateway to the U of I campus

Alma Mater Statue being removed from campus on August 7, 2012. Photo courtesy of

On August 7, the beloved Alma Mater Statue, an icon of the University …

Top 25 Football Traditions?

Script Ohio comes in at #7 on the list.

We came across this list of “Top 25 College Football Traditions” on the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Only five of these are from the Big Ten! We’d beg to differ …

Gentlemen of the Spirit Squad: The Unheard Athletes

The phrase “tremendous college athlete” rouses thoughts of football and basketball players in the minds of many. Robert Griffin III dodging defenders during a mad sprint to the end zone, C.J. McCollum sinking a game-winning three pointer from deep behind …

Illini Lingo Decoded

While you’re walking around Illinois’ campus it may seem like the University students are speaking another language. Here’s my guide to some of the Illini basics:

Alma Mater Statue

Alma Mater – The statue located on the southeast corner of …

Shopping for your Tailgate in Champaign-Urbana

Champaign-Urbana is full of choices to putting together a delicious, elaborate tailgate, with very little effort. From BBQ to local produce and artisan meats and cheeses, you can create a pretty great spread for all of your fellow football fans!