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In No Limit Hold’em, the size and number of raises is unlimited. Texas Hold’em is the simplest and most popular form of poker today. In fact, classic poker, where every poker player starts the game with two holes (“pocket”) – this is one of the basic rules of poker.

This is followed by four rounds of betting, during which five face-up cards are formed, forming a “board” and bets are placed. Best of all, he learns, plays against a computer that never makes mistakes, and accurately calculates the points scored by you and your opponent. Challenge yourself to the simpler versions and then move on to the advanced ones. Many sites offer poker games for real money and with direct participants.

Ace, depending on the combination, can be considered the highest or lowest card. In each round, bets continue until the person to the right of the last player to place a bet or raise. When he turns back to him, the next round begins or the hand ends if all the players in front of him decide to fold. Below you can clearly see the action of the poker rules in the picture..

RAISE – if a bet is placed on the current betting round, the player can raise it by making a raise. To do this, he must place a bet that will exceed the last player’s bet. All players must either call or regenerate to qualify for this vase. Otherwise, they have only one option – that is to fold their cards, i.e. to fold.