3 Kinds Of WellHello: Which One Will Make The Most Money?

He said something about "I agreed not to cancel if I got a week free" which I said was bull$#*! Worst effing encounter of my life with a website and this is why they don’t use paypal. We spent two months on WellHello.com and had great success. Anyone who doesn’t accept paypal is sketch into the 1000% degree ""tried to use the three day trial, obtained 1 day for 3$, bots, and from state people like free websites " 5/9/19 paid for 3 day trial and tried to turn off car billing after 1 day, got scammed 3for 1 day of use and can no more text people.

We sent out over 90 mails and were happy to receive answers from almost 60 women. All the people were from robots or state. They claim to have over 30 million members.

Who knows what else that they will attempt with my card since I couldn’t use paypal, stay out! " You may learn more about the background of WellHello.com and its prevalence from this Wikipedia article. Replies are entirely at odds with questions asked. 80% robots 15 percent escorts 5% actual is exactly what I’ve seen. If you love sex (and that doesn’t?) , WellHello.com is the best site for you.

Search engine is a big fail. We don’t say that because they pay us cash (they don’t). Look in your city 10 miles radius and you get results at the opposite end of the nation. We say that because not only have we had achievement meeting sexy women on WellHello.comwe’ve talked to dozens of men who have observed similar results. Total waste of time and money.

Yes, there are more women than men. As a follow up I have since discovered that they employ 1 or 2 girls to initiate bogus conversations but you can tell by their speech they’re foreign and they say completely unsuitable things no british or english speaking woman would say. But you won’t locate an adult dating site with a male to female ratio favorable to men. Additionally, in the event that you say you wish to email them or match them they immediately insist on text only and they need a few months of texting . work for flirt.com much. :-RRB- But this site is great for any man serious about getting laid. Flirt has been good to me over the years but there are so many other fine options like hookuphangout.com etc I think you need to be crazy to stick with one sex site nowadays. The competition is only stiff (no pun intended) in relation to amounts.

As the old expression goes, patience is the key to poontang! The majority of the men on this site don’t have any clue how to draw women. People do not meet. Should you look closely at this advice we provide on this site, they’ll be of no competition for you. Woman can upload any kind of pictures,men cannot. The identical advice we give out is the very same strategies we’ve successfully utilized.

Appears many female are fake or from another nation but say they’re local. It’s not a bad idea to test an adult dating site for free. Don’t waste time or money. Don’t waste too much time with a free membership. SCAM! Basically. Just be certain there are enough attractive women in your town (there are nearly anywhere).

The "billing policy" doesn’t give you all the details and advice. Silver Membership ($20 per month) Gold Membership ($30 per month) You have to look yourself elsewhere to locate the "terms of use" which states they want at least three days notice to cancel any automatic subscription renewal which makes a 3 day only trial IMPOSSIBLE! Also, there is no simple method of doing this anyway, or perhaps cancelling your profile for that matter.

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making on WellHello.com. Had bad wellhello app experiences everywhere so was able to see straight through these faceless on line con artists lawful strategies. 1. Also, not one of the profiles are real, their just not. Being overly cocky. Period. Have swagger is good, but far too many dudes around WellHello.com think that acting like a whole arrogant asshole can get them put. Why can’t hackers take down these con artists websites instead of the NHS’s website?

DO NOT GET TIED UP WITH THIS LOT!! Do yourself a favour, watch pornography for only a short while and then get out yourself in the actual world, visit the gym or exercise at home, become a head turner! Join a bar. It won’t.

2. Take care my friends! Not producing a video. When you register on this website you can’t cancel that they just keep taking money from the account.

Don’t be afraid to upload a video of yourself. All the girls on here are just escorts or prostitutes or scammers.