Badger Game Day Fashion

Classic game day apparel with Buckymittens and hats.

Game day apparel at any university is about self-expression. While everyone comes together to support the team, everyone tries to stand apart from the crowd with a bow, a cape, or sometimes an animal skin hat. Game day gear at Wisconsin is anything short of a fashion show.

Some people go for costume look. Whether it’s as Poe or a red ape, UW Junior Scott says he like goes “all out” every Saturday.

“It’s a go big or go home type of school,” says Scott, who is known for his outrageous Badger wear.

Badgers are some of the most dedicated fans you’ll ever meet and their outfits reflect that. UW freshman Maddie said she chose Wisconsin after attending one game day.

“The outfits were crazy!” says Maddie, “They represented the die hard fans I knew I wanted to be.”

Morgan, a transfer from Michigan State, says she speaks for every Badger when she says no school’s game day gear can compare.

Badger skin hats.

“At Michigan State you’d wear a shirt and try to look cute,” says Morgan, “But at Wisco, you can

look as ridiculous as possible, with overalls, face paint, and a cape and you look

average compared to the guys dressed as bananas.”

While most people purchase their game day gear at the University Bookstore, UW Senior Todd searches local thrifts stores for his Badger Red.

Handmade Badger Toms.

“I represent my Badgers day and night,” says Todd, “But, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it in style.”

Todd’s favorite piece of apparel is a 1980’s Rose Bowl sweatshirt his grandfather gave him. Beyond being retro, Todd says it makes him stand out in a crowd of Adidas and JanSport tees.

“I like to stand out as much as I can, but no one beats that guy who wears the actual Badger Skin on his head,” Todd says.

Every game day, whether in Madison or across the country in California, one Badger fan sports a Badger skin hat that makes nearly everyone ask for photos.

“It’s like I’m famous!” says UW Alum Mike, who killed the Badger he sports every Saturday.

Mike says his hat draws both negative and positive attention; it’s done everything from making a young Badger fan cry to winning a feature in a local paper.

Simple but savvy Badger red at 2012 Rose Bowl.

No matter what Badger fans decide to wear on game day, they represent their team in style.

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