A Nightcap in Champaign-Urbana: Kam’s

photo courtesy of Kam’s

Bars and sports suit one another like chocolate and peanut butter. Who wants to watch a sitcom when you’re sharing a round with your buddies? Kam’s is an absolute staple of the Fighting Illini nightlife, specifically if you’re a devoted sports fan. In 2005, the prominent pub installed several high-definition televisions in celebration of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s success in the March Madness tournament. Imagine if the TV section of Best Buy played nothing but sports and served draft beer, and you have Kam’s. Kam’s tagline is We Sell Fun. This is a bold proclamation, but the bar more than lives up to that statement. This spot is frequently referred to as one of the universities most popular bars. It’s a beloved hangout for U of I fraternities and sororities.

You can’t miss Kam’s, with its navy blue and international orange façade jumping out at you, as you drive down East Daniel Street. The inside space of this after-hours joint is segmented into a few main areas. The first thing you’ll notice, as you walk into Kam’s, is the pleasant aroma of fresh popcorn. The venue’s large foyer contains, not only the bar area, but, you guessed it, an active popcorn machine. To the right you’ll find large dart area. To the left you have a raised seating area and the dance floor. Visit Kam’s during the warmer months of the year to enjoy an outdoor beer garden located on the west side of the building. With ingredients like a gigantic dart-throwing section, a real popcorn machine and an outdoor space that’s always on-the-ready to host a lively beer garden, Kam’s is the foolproof recipe for a fun night out.

618 E. Daniel Street

Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 337-3300
Daily, 8pm-2am

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