Murals Surround the Short North

The Short North area has become the cultural center in Columbus, Ohio. It is evident in the myriad of art galleries that are home to the ‘Gallery Hop’, as well as the murals that adorn the once tame brick walls along High Street. The Short North is the ‘It’, the Nouveau and the Passe; it is one of the best places in Central Ohio to wine, dine and wax artistic. It is definitely worth a visit, and is just steps away from OSU’s campus.

Stroll down and around High Street in the Short North, and you’ll notice you’re surrounded by larger-than-life art at every turn. The Short North Murals began being created in the 1980’s, and have been a highlight of the area as more and more murals are added by local artists.


About: Austin Owens

Hello! I attended The Ohio State University and simply adore the rich traditions that surround OSU and the Big Ten as a whole. I look forward to showing the rest of the country the pride we all feel as members and alumni of the Big Ten.