Have A Lot of Fun, Learn A Little Something at COSI

COSI Life Spinning Hands: photo courtesy of COSI

The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio isn’t your average educational center. In fact, chances are you are having so much fun while visiting that you actually forget you are learning. After being greeted by a giant swinging pendulum, you can experience unicycle riding, rat basketball, and underwater submarine simulations. Basically, you will think you are at an amusement park or carnival rather than a science museum. But all of these one of a kind exhibits are what makes COSI an attraction unlike any other, and a place that anyone visiting the Columbus area should certainly check out.

What is the spectacular COSI today, started off as a simple idea from a man named Sandy Hallock in 1957.  By working together with several individuals, COSI was opened in 1964 in the old Memorial Hall in Columbus. The building had been falling to ruins, but with the help of the Columbus Historical Society, was made into COSI’s new home. After 35 successful years in Memorial Hall, COSI moved to its current location on Broad Street where it attracts visitors from all over the globe.

COSI features more than 320,000 square feet of hands-on science learning, ten uniquely themed exhibit areas (with both permanent and rotating exhibits), an outdoor science park, and many more cool things to do that are certain to keep both children and adults alike entertained.

“COSI appeals to all ages.  We have lots of hands-on activities that are fun for the whole family.  We have a designated area for kids ages zero through Kindergarten, popular teen events, daily live shows, and workshops for many different ages,” said Jaclyn Reynolds, COSI’s Public Relations and Social Media Manager.

While guests are busy learning and having fun with friends and family, researchers can also be seen doing their own fair share of experimenting live in research labs.  For instance, while walking through the Life exhibit which explores how the human body functions, you can learn about your brain through mind trick simulations while watching researchers do physical activity experiments in a see-through room right in front of you!

With so many exhibits appearing at COSI a few have stood out as visitor favorites.

“People love the Space exhibit and the live shows – The Electrostatic Generator Show, Rat Basketball and the explosive shows on the Gadgets Stage. People also love the high-wire unicycle,” said Ms. Reynolds.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to wander through COSI for hours upon hours.  One could get lost learning and having fun in oceans, caves, and space, experiencing worlds unseen. So if you are looking for a unique, entertaining, hair raising experience (literally one of their static electric balls will do that) that you will never forget, COSI is the place to check out in Columbus, Ohio.

About: Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers is a Senior at The Ohio State University and is majoring in Strategic Communications. She is originally from Moline, Illinois, but her loyalty remains to the Buckeyes. She is involved with sorority life, campus programming, and undergraduate research at Ohio State. She plans to pursue a career in Public Relations and Journalism.