Penn State University


While many of the home games throughout the year are themed like Homecoming and Senior Day, the White Out is more than just a theme; it is an experience. White Out always occurs on one of the biggest games of the season when Penn State needs its biggest players on the line and the fans on full-throttle. It started in 2005, when the University made a call for the entire fan base to wear white to the game, causing a sea of bright reflective white. Today, from Michigan to Ohio State and even Notre Dame, when these schools come to town, you know the official “White Out” will be scheduled. Fans sport anything from white ‘away’ jerseys, white t-shirts, white suits, white beards, white hats, and shake white pom-poms in unison, all causing an overwhelmingly intimidating scene, especially when set against the dark night sky of Happy Valley.

ESPN White Out Commercial