The Ohio State University


Native to Ohio, the Buckeye Tree thrives where other plant life struggles, is difficult to kill, sprouts poisonous nuts, and adapts well to its circumstances. The analogy between the Buckeye Tree and Ohioans has been around for centuries and in 1950, the OSU Athletic Council officially adopted the term to describe OSU athletes, students and fans.

At sporting events, fans proudly boast the iconic Buckeye necklace — buckeye nuts strung together with scarlet and gray beads–for good luck!

Buckeye Grove
Since 1929, Buckeye Trees have been planted in Buckeye Grove, located outside the southwest corner of Ohio Stadium, to honor each OSU All-American football player.  Each tree is designated with a plaque denoting the honored player.  Ohio Staters, Inc., a student service organization committed to promoting the welfare and traditions of the Ohio State University, has maintained Buckeye Grove since 1955. New trees are planted prior to the annual Spring Game in April.  Each fall, fans flock to the grove to collect the fallen Buckeye nuts for good luck. Read more on the history of Buckeye Grove.

Buckeye Trees line the path through "Buckeye Grove"

Plaque in Buckeye Grove Honoring Chic Harley