Northwestern University


Go! U Northwestern
“Go! U Northwestern” was written following a Wildcat (then “Purple”) 1912 win over Indiana. Student Theodore Van Etten was inspired by both the win, and the crowd pleasing Hoosier fight song, so he penned the lyrics on the way home from the game in Bloomington. The song debuted at old Northwestern Field on November 23, 1912 during the NU-Illinois season finale.


Push On Northwestern
The lesser known “Push On Northwestern” was written in 1913, and first performed in 1916.


Alma Mater
The Alma Mater is said to be originally based on Johannes Brahms’ Variations on the St. Anthony Chorale by Francis Joseph Haydn. In 1907, NU Musical Director Peter Lutkin rearranged the piece, calling it “Quæcumque Sunt Vera,” after the Latin phrase on the University of Northwestern Seal meaning “Whatsoever things are true.” The original lyrics were written in Latin, and in 1958 NUMB Director John Paynter rearranged the music and wrote English lyrics that are sung today.