University of Minnesota


The University of Minnesota was founded in 1851 as a prepatory school, seven years before Minnesota established statehood. The school later became Minnesota’s official Land Grant University in the late 1860’s. For 29 years before 1880, the school used different colors for each graduation. In 1880, then University President Folwell began the tradition of using common school colors throughout the University. He asked an English professor, Mrs. Augusta Smith, to choose the colors that would represent the University in events. She chose maroon and gold, and since then, maroon and gold have been the official school colors of the University of Minnesota.

Nickname:  Gophers
School Colors:  Maroon & Gold
Mascot:  Goldy Gopher


In 1857, a local paper published a cartoon satirizing a proposal for a $5 million railroad going through the state. It did this by portraying local politicians as gophers pulling a train. This gained the s... (more)


The antique lamp on the seal represents the metaphysical sciences while the telescope represents the physical sciences; the plow represents the industrial arts, and the brushes and palette represent the fine arts. The latin school motto, Omnibus artibus commune vinculum, which stands for “a common bond for all the arts”, is also engraved on the seal.   [caption id="" align=... (more)


 Hail Minnesota “Hail! Minnesota” was written by Truman Rickard over a year-long span, reaching from 1903 to 1904. It was originally intended to be the 1904 class song when Truman began writing it with a friend while on a camping trip, but it snowballed into becoming the official state song in 1945. The final version of the song is not how it was originally written;... (more)