University of Minnesota


University of Minnesota Marching Band Traditions

The U of M Marching Band was founded in 1892 as a Cadet band with only 29 members. It continued to grow both in size and popularity until it was asked to perform the halftime show for the 1910 football season. Eight years later, the Cadet band joined with the Army band to form the First Regiment of Minnesota Band. After WWI, the Cadet band became known as the University Band, and women students began to be accepted as members. During the Second World War, more women took the men’s positions in the band when the men went off to war, but lost those spots when the men returned. A University Girls’ Band was formed in 1950, which led to the full integration of women into the marching band in 1972. Since then, the University of Minnesota Marching Band has come to perform at all main sporting events as well as in parades and occasional away games across the country.

Approximately two hours before kick-off, catch the band on Tribal Nations Plaza outside of the TCF Bank Stadium to hear them perform their pregame and half-time music, and school songs to get the crowd geared up for the game.

UMN Marching Band In-Game Promo