University of Michigan


University of Michigan Students are nicknamed the “Wolverines”. How the name came to be is not entirely certain, given that there has never been a record of a trapping of a live Wolverine, nor have any skeletal remains been found within the state’s borders. Although there were reported sightings in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s, the first sighting in over 200 years was in February, 2004.

The name could have started when pelt trading between the Indians in Sault Ste. Marie was popular, or maybe because of the early 1700’s French settlers’ glutinous, wolverine-like appetites. Either way, the name has stuck, and in 1927, Fielding Yost had two Wolverines brought to football games from the Detroit Zoo. Due to their ferocity, this didn’t last long, and one of the Wolverines—named “Biff”—was kept at the University of Michigan Zoo as the official mascot. Today, the school does not have any form of a live mascot; according to the Bently Historical Library, the Athletic Department deems it “unnecessary and undignified”.

Wolverine Statue