University of Michigan


University of Michigan students are nicknamed the “Wolverines”. The name dates back to the early 1700’s in reference to either the Indian fur trade or the French settlers’ inappropriate eating habits—no one knows for sure.  The school colors, Maize and Blue, which were chosen by a student committee in 1867, changed in hue over the years from pale yellow and light sky blue to the bright gold and deep navy blue that you see today.

Nickname:  Wolverines
School Colors:  Maize & Blue
Mascot:  Currently, None (“Biff”, a live Wolverine, served in the 1920’s)


University of Michigan Students are nicknamed the “Wolverines”. How the name came to be is not entirely certain, given that there has never been a record of a trapping of a live Wolverine, nor have any ... (more)


The Victors The fight song of the University of Michigan sports teams, The Victors was written in 1898 by a music student at the time. It was written following the last-minute football victory over the University of Chicago that won the league championship. In the song, it refers to UM as being the “Champions of the West”. This refers to the time when UM wa... (more)


On the corner of Washtenaw and Hill St. sits a chunk of Canadian limestone that was commemorated in 1932 as a memorial to George Washington on his 200th birthday.   Buried deep within the foundation ... (more)


Since the 1930's, the grassy area at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at the corner of Washtenaw and South University has been turned into a mud pit to host this event on the Saturday afternoon of Homecoming Weekend. Crowds of onlookers assemble to watch two rival fraternities duke it out in the mud. (more)


According to folklore, a student is not a true co-ed until he or she has been kissed under the Engine Arch at midnight.  This tradition dates back to the time when men lived on Central Campus, while ... (more)