Michigan State University


For band groupies, this is the place to hang out for a couple of hours before kick-off. Before the band even arrives, fans begin to gather on Adams Field, setting out blankets and picnic-type tailgates. Some stake out their place on the sidelines with lawn chairs for the impending show (there is no parking at Adams Field, but you can unload your supplies from Circle Drive and stay for the day). Strollers push through the crowd while dogs in MSU jerseys sniff out new friends and chase Frisbees between the trees.

1.5 – 2 hours before kick-off, the band members will start to arrive at Adams Field. Each section arrives separately and begins to warm up on different parts of the field.  Fans, friends and family members gather around to listen, socialize with the band members and take photos. When the Sousaphone section marches over and storms Adams Field, the band knows it is almost time to assemble together to perform a short concert for the fans. The concert quickly evolves into the band forming into their parade block. The percussion section breaks into “The Series” as the band marches across the river. Then Sparty leads them down Red Cedar Road through the throngs of fans to the stadium.

Following every home football game where there is a visiting band, you can head over to Adams Field for the traditional Drum Off. Percussion sections of both bands will gather together to showcase their talents for each other and the fans—a true symbol of Big Ten Marching Band camaraderie.