University of Iowa



During the 1930s, racism was rampant in the United States. The University of Minnesota football team was particularly harsh towards Iowa and its African American star player Ozzie Simmons, and illegal hits were made on Simmons by the Minnesota team during their 1934 meeting. The hits were ignored by officials, and Minnesota went on to win the game. When Minnesota returned to Iowa City in 1935, Iowa Governor Clyde Herring threatened the Minnesota team. Minnesota Governor, Floyd Olson jokingly responded with a bet for the game; a Minnesota prize hog against an Iowa prize hog (indicating that a Minnesota hog would be a much better prize than an Iowa one). Minnesota won the game, and Governor Herring paid off his bet by delivering a prize hog to Governor Olsen named “Floyd of Rosedale.” The hog’s likeness was portrayed in a bronze sculpture that is awarded to the winner of the Iowa-Minnesota meeting every year.