Indiana University


IU Fanfare & Indiana Our Indiana
Set to the tune of The Viking March, by composer Karl L. King (of Barnum & Bailey Circus Band fame), Indiana, Our Indiana is the official fight song of IU and was first performed in 1912 by the IU Band.

Hail to Old IU
Written to an old Scottish tune, Hail to Old IU is the official Alma Mater. First performed on March 10, 1893 by the then IU Glee Club in a state choral contest. Most recognize this tune from the movie “Dirty Dancing,” among other school Alma Maters. However, Glee Club organizer J.T. Giles was the first to adapt this tune for a University school song in 1893.

Indiana Fight!
Although a popular fight song melody, the words to Indiana Fight are rarely sung. Instead, the song is played by the band, and the crowd joins in at the end with a rousing “GO! IU! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Indiana, we’re all for you!”

Chimes of Indiana
Written and composed by Hoagy Carmichael, Chimes of Indiana was presented to IU in 1937 as a gift from the class of 1935. Although originally proposed as the school’s Alma Mater, it wasn’t officially adopted as a school song until 1978.


“Indiana, Our Indiana” sung by the Singing Hoosiers

“Indiana, Our Indiana”, “Hail to Old IU”, “Indiana Fight!”, and “Chimes of Indiana”