Indiana University


In 1896, the first band on campus was formed as a simple extracurricular activity for students. By 1913, the 22-piece band grew to 47 members, and by 1916 the band was already gaining international acclaim by traveling to Mexico to entertain US troops.

During WWI, the IU campus was converted into a military training camp, and the band played an important role in military drills.

In 1925, American composer John Philip Sousa dubbed the band “one of the snappiest marching and playing bands in the country,” while a newspaper columnist referred to the band as “Indiana’s famous Marching and Playing Hundred,” thus the term “Marching Hundred” came into use and has stuck to this day.

All brass players and woodwind players are granted membership into the band; however, everyone must audition for a permanent block position. Membership into the IU Drumline is only audition-based. The RedSteppers dance team audition twice a year for their positions in the band.


Marching Hundred Pre-Game Show