Top 12 Marching Band Traditions in the Big Ten

Top Marching Band Traditions in the Big …

Contributor Grant Gannon ranks his favorite Big Ten Marching Band Traditions:

1. Script Ohio- Ohio State
Ranked No. 1 on my list, and Sports Illustrated’s top college football tradition from the August 22,…

Top Marching Band Traditions in the Big …
Hoosiers 2012

Hoosier Football 2012

IU Athletics gets you ready for football with a sneak peak of the Hoosier work-out regimen, along with the official 2012 Indiana Football commercial:

Hoosier Football 2012
Top 12 Game Day Bars in the Big Ten

Top 12 Game Day Bars in the Big Ten

When choosing the top 12 game-day bars in the Big Ten, I didn’t look for bars with the most big screens (though many on the list have a lot), or…

Top 12 Game Day Bars in the Big Ten


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Marching Bands in the Big Ten

As you walk past the concession stand, you smell grease from the burgers, you hear the shouts of thousands walking past you, but what stands out most is in the sound off into the distance. It’s so faint, but it draws your attention. It makes every step towards your seat more and more exciting. As you get closer, the sound starts to get louder, the rhythms and melodies become clear and you finall... (more)

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Head to the West steps of Assembly Hall two hours and 20 minutes prior to kickoff. The Marching Hundred performs before, during, and after the Hoosier football team arrives, along with the cheer... (more)