University of Illinois


The Illinois fight song was written in 1911 by two students who felt that the official school song, “Illinois Loyalty,” did not sufficiently rouse the crowd during a game. It was written to be played after a touchdown in football, and is now also played after first downs. In basketball, it is played leading into time-outs and toward the end of the warmup period; when timed correctly, the ‘O’ of “Oskee-Wow-Wow” is held just as the buzzer sounds (and is actually the same note as most buzzers across the country.)

Illinois Loyalty
Written in 1906, “Illinois Loyalty” is the official school song for the University of Illinois. It is also one of the oldest school songs in the country, but due to its length, it is only played during pregame, halftime and post-game. In 1911, “Oskee Wow-Wow” replaced it as the fight song because it failed to get the crowds of spectators involved in athletic events.

Hail to the Orange
The University of Illinois Alma Mater.