University of Illinois


Since 1868, the University of Illinois has been the heart of the Champaign-Urbana area. The Illini sing proud the fight song “Oskee-Wow-Wow”,  in the spirit of their former icon, Chief Illiniwek, and the “War Chant” keeps the tradition of Chief Illiniwek alive. Despite the loss of their beloved mascot, fans continue the legacy, sporting the Orange & Blue, and partaking in the spirited “I-L-I–I-N-I” cheer.

School Colors:  Orange & Blue
Nickname:  Illini

Mascot:   Presently, none. Chief Illiniweck (1926-2007)



Red Grange was a famed Illini football player, who on October 18, 1924, during a game against the University of Michigan, scored six touchdowns in the first 12 minutes. Nicknamed "The Galloping Ghost", Grange went on to play in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and the New York Yankees. A charter member of both the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Grange was named the b... (more)


Dedicated in 1994, the rock honors former Illini great Red Grange, and is situated near the northeast end zone. It comes from the same stone quarry in Indiana used to form the granite columns in the stadium. Players will touch the rock on their way to the field.... (more)


Two hours and 15 minutes before kick-off, Illinois players and coaches, along with the Cheerleaders and the Orange and Blues group of the Marching Illini, walk from First Street to the football complex along Irwin Drive (north side of Memorial Stadium) as fans greet them.                ... (more)


Marching Illini Traditions The history of the Marching Illini begins as far back as 1868 as a student-run Military Band program. In 1905, the Military Band was appointed its first official director, who also happened to be a former Illini football player... (more)


Approximately two hours before kick-off, the Marching Illini gather outside of the south end of Memorial Stadium to warm-up their chops and get themselves in the mindset for their pre-game performance. Each section warms-up individually. The Marching Illini Drumline makes a particularly impressive show of their skills during this time as they perform their whole cadence series for the fans. htt... (more)


Oskee-Wow-Wow Illinois fight song written in 1911 by two students who felt that the official school song, “Illinois Loyalty”, did not sufficiently rouse the crowd during a game. Was written to be played after a touchdown in football, and is now also played after first downs. In basketball, it is played leading into time outs in toward the end of the warmup period; wh... (more)


A favorite for Illinois fans, the band performs seven songs in a 12-minute show, such as "Oskee Wow Wow,", "William Tell overture” and “American Medley”. The show begins with what is called R2: two consecutive ripples down the sousaphone line before the band is called to attention, and the colors are presented. (more)


The "Three in One" is, as the name implies, is three songs in one. The three songs that comprise it are Illini Pride, Oskee-Wow-Wow, and Hail the Orange. There's no more Chief, but the band still performs the time-honored Three In One at the end of its halftime show. Many fans still shout "Chief!" at the conclusion. (more)


The Illini War Chant is one remnant of the former mascot, The Chief. The band still performs this intimidating, crowd-rousing chant at every game.  ... (more)


The Block I student section has been the "visual staple" at Memorial Stadium since 1926, and performs creative card stunts during games. One recent creative visual involves the cards creating an orange and blue foaming beer mug; the crowd hollers "chug, chug, chug!" a... (more)


You'll hear this at every Illinois sporting event, as a group of fans will yell "I-L-I," and be answered by "I-N-I," spelling out the school's nickname. (more)


Chief Illiniwek represented the University of Illinois from 1926 to 2007, symbolizing the Native Americans that once resided in what is now Illinois. Controversy arose in the mid 1970s concerning the use of Native American symbols in relation to sports teams; sup... (more)


The Orange Krush is the nickname of the Illini Pride student section in Assembly Hall at Illini basketball games. ... (more)