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Camp Randall Food Options

Food throughout Camp Randall is pretty abundant and not hard to find. There are many stands sprawled throughout the stadium’s every nook and cranny. This makes it easy to order food for such a large stadium population (80,000+). Lines are short and stands are placed all around the stadium. Madison is a city that hosts an annual brat fest every Memorial Day Weekend, so I would recommend ordering a brat while enjoying a game in Camp Randall. There are also some great local eats just steps away from the stadium. So if you’re not tailgating, and plan to grab a bite right before or during the game, here are your options:




Inside the stadium, typical American food is sold everywhere. You can expect your brats, nachos, peanuts, and sodas to be sold everywhere. So don’t fret, the classics are all there.

The Pizza Stand
Camp Randall’s one and only pizza stand is located on the 3rd level concourse on the north side near section P. This is where you can get personal pan pizzas.
-Foods/Drinks in this section: Personal Pan Pizza, Bottled Water, Bottled Soda.

The Grill Stand
In this stand, you will find all of your grilled favorites. There are four of these stands located approximately on each corner of the stadium. (Two are on the 3rd level concourse, near sections R and W. One is located by the press box in section FF, and the other one is located in section A.)
-Foods/Drinks in this section: Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Brats, Nachos, Bottled Water, Bottled Soda, Lemon Chill.  

The Regular Concession Stand
Standard ballpark items are sold here, which are sprinkled everywhere throughout the stadium.
-Foods/Drinks in this section: Soda, Bottled Water, Hot Drinks (Seasonal), Hot Dogs, Brats, Popcorn, Peanuts, Jumbo Pretzels, Candy, Nachos.  



Mickie’s Dairy Bar
1511 Monroe Street 
This 50s style local diner has it all, from breakfast food, to sandwiches, to a simple milkshake. It is a Madison favorite for its breakfast, but get there early! They take no reservations, and leave your credit cards at home, since they do not accept those either. It’s the ideal place to fuel up before an afternoon game. The portions are large, and the prices are cheap. Mickie’s is located on Monroe Street, right across from Camp Randall’s south end. Sat, 6am-2:30pm

New Orleans Take-Out
1517 Monroe Street 
This Cajun style eatery is located right next to Mickie’s. Perfect for the fan that needs a break from eating brats all day and needs to spice things up, literally. From catfish to jambalaya, this restaurant has the right food to satisfy strong cravings for diversity. It is not a sit-down place so plan to take your food on a little picnic. Sat, 11am- 9pm


About: Kovas Lapinas

Kovas is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a history degree. He enjoys learning about historical figures from Winston to Magellan, but is just as enthusiastic about his Badgers. To him, watching any exciting sports game surrounded by friends and great food constitutes the perfect day. Kovas also enjoys hip-hop, traveling, and Googling random things on the internet.