Top 12 Pizza in the Big Ten

Whether it’s a late night snack or dinnertime meal, pizza has always been a mainstay for many Americans. Thick crust or thin, plain cheese or all-the-way, this list represents some of the best shops from each Big Ten city to stop by and enjoy a slice. My list was compiled from different writers on this website, as well as opinions from students and residents of each city. Don’t get offended if you’re favorite place isn’t “ranked” where you think it should be, or didn’t make the list!

About: Andy Evans

I'm a 34-year-old journalism major at Ohio State, minoring in criminology. I enjoy time with friends and family, watching OSU football and basketball games, watching true crime shows, and sitting on the couch vegging out and watching a movie I've seen a hundred times before. Once I graduate, given what I enjoy doing in my spare time, I'd like to write in either sports, arts and leisure, or some sort of crime beat.