Top 12 Large Museums in the Big Ten

While all of us tour throughout the Big Ten cities for our beloved teams and passion for sports, it is also important to remember that the The Big Ten Conference is fortunate enough to have some of the best and most interesting museums in the country.

When deciding on what museums to include, the choices were very overwhelming. Of course, nearly every city has a spectacular museum, but what about the unique, lesser-known museums? How could I possibly contrast the beautiful Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis with a one-of-a-kind tractor museum in Lincoln, Nebraska? Since I couldn’t find a way, I decided to make two different Top 12 lists; one for the large, well-known museums and another for the smaller, more unique museums.

While all of the cities had amazing museums to offer to its visitors, after some research and input from students in these cities, I came up with this list of Top 12 Large Museums in the Big Ten. My Top 12 Unique Museums will follow in later days!

For a complete list of museums, please visit  “Arts, Museums, and Entertainment” in the “See & Do” section of each school’s “Travel Guide”!

About: Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers is a Senior at The Ohio State University and is majoring in Strategic Communications. She is originally from Moline, Illinois, but her loyalty remains to the Buckeyes. She is involved with sorority life, campus programming, and undergraduate research at Ohio State. She plans to pursue a career in Public Relations and Journalism.